Morning Pages – Self-Help for Self-Help Skeptics

Morning Pages - self-help for self-help skeptics |

I used to hate mornings. When you don’t particularly like your life, having to get out of bed to live it tends not to be your favourite thing to do. Things are different these days – but not just because I enjoy my life. I also have a new routine: Every day I get up, make a cup of tea, light some candles and write my morning pages. Continue Reading

My Road to the Code

My Road to the Code |

Every day for the past week I have come to a point where I’ve had to accept that I would not be able to do any more programming that day. Either because it was getting late or because my brain was fried. Every day I have, with great regret, closed down Visual Studio and Unity3D and tried my best to put my current task out of my head. Every day it has been nearly impossible. I have never been so in love with a job – and I’m not even getting paid for this one. Continue Reading

On Girls and Perfection

Madeline Ashby, a strategic foresight consultant and novelist, suggests that “one of the reasons women are socialized to choose ‘sustainable’ jobs (like teaching, nursing, even programming … computing, or project management, etc.) is because we don’t teach girls risk.” Because women… Continue Reading